(Youtube) Breitling Fighters fly LOW down a canal - FULL SEQUENCE

So we've already posted clips of this, but here's the full sequence of the 4 Breitling Fighters flying down a canal in Yverdon. First is Ray Hanna in the P-40, then Nigel Lamb in the Mustang followed by Cliff spink in the Corsair ending with Lee Proudfoot in Spitfire MH434. FOR THOSE OF YOU MOANING ABOUT HOW UNSAFE THIS WAS, please bear in mind, the canal was next to an airfield, the correct permissions were obtained, the manoeuvres were, in effect "run and breaks," had any engine problems occurred then they were carrying enough momentum in flight to land on the runway next to the canal plus THESE WERE FOUR OF THE MOST EXPERIENCED WARBIRD PILOTS IN THE WORLD There's a 20 minute film about the Breitling Fighters along more than 70 hours of Airshow Films and Aviation Documentaries including 14 FULL Flying Legends Airshow Films and 4 RIAT Films. It also has Aviation Documentaries like "A Spitfires Story" and "One Summer- Two Messerschmitts". There's full in-cockpit films that put you in the Pilot's seat of a full airshow display and lots of other material. We're in the early stages of creating a "Netflix" style streaming service and at the moment you can get a years subscription for the same price as a single DVD/Blu-ray! It's available now worldwide starting at less than £1.60/$1.99/1.8 Euros per month Subscribe now at WingsTV.co.uk